We are a construction company that specializes in general construction activities. Since recently we have launched a new product that focuses on public affairs such as urban parks, rehabilitation care and sports centers and playgrounds for children. It's about the seamless rubber floors. A rubber floor is a recycling product of car tires. This type of flooring is characterized by high abrasion resistance, good fall protection, high durability and aesthetically attractive design. You can choose from numerous color assortments as well as complex color combinations.

Nowadays we can see a lot of rubber tiles. But after an internal study it has been found that after a few years, such tiles start to worm under weather conditions and because of the load. Because they have certain dimensions they easily let the water through and this phenomenon ensures perfect conditions for growing bacteria and fungi. With seamless floor coverings, water tightness is guaranteed and repairs are easy to carry out without visible side effects.

The reach of rubber as floor material is very wide. This is due to the positive properties such as wear resistance and resistance to mechanical, chemical and atmospheric influences.
Rubber floors can be of different shapes and types. In general, however, it is distinguished by such advantages:

  • High level of strength and durability. Rubber coating does not break, does not tear, does not crumble and does not wear. It is resistant to direct sunlight and temperature changes.
  • The rubber does not rot and is moisture-resistant.
  • Rodents, insects and other vermin cannot live in it.
  • It also has an attractive appearance. There can be used a design of choice that at the same time can provide a beautiful decoration in a space. There are different types of decorative finishing materials of different colors, textures, forms of modules.
  • Maintenance is very easy. Rubber coating is easy to wash with ordinary water, but also under high pressure.
  • Rubber floor requires no additional processing. You do not have to cover this floor with decorative materials or protective equipment.
  • The material does not shrink. After installation and during use, the floor retains its dimensions.
  • The rubber also has high elasticity. This quality offers comfort while running, so it eases the impact when falling.
  • It offers good sound insulation and has good anti-vibration properties.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals. In case of short-term exposure, the rubber floor will not deteriorate under the influence of kerosene, petrol, oil, detergents, solvents, acids and alkalis.
  • Antistatic properties. Rubber does not conduct electricity, so one does not have to be afraid of electric discharges.
  • The surface also has an anti-slip property. This reduces the risk of injuries on wet surfaces.
  • Easy installation, disassembly and repair. It is easy to repair modular cladding or rubber granulate.
  • Environmental friendliness. Rubber is non-toxic and does not release any harmful substances in the air. Its durability ensures that the natural raw materials are not exhausted and that the amount of waste is reduced.

Rubber floors can be installed in garages, car hops, workshops, car washes, warehouses, playgrounds for children, sports grounds. Exercising or performing sports activities becomes more comfortable and safer. The cushioning properties of rubber help to significantly reduce the strain on the spine and limbs. It is also used as a cover for garden paths, porches and terraces, because it is not resistant to atmospheric influences.
Rubber floors have few disadvantages. First, certain implementation options can have relatively high costs. Secondly, rubber, despite its resistance to fire, can ignite. It is therefore flammable, but a fallen match or a cigarette is not dangerous for a rubber floor.

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